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The ambition of ICT4Manuf DIH is to serve IT and industrial partners at the regional, national and international levels. The seven competencies areas of the DIH allow it to be an expert on wide enterprise engineering activities:

  • Information system agility
  • AI & Cyber-Physical System
  • Big data & digital preservation
  • PLM for new product development
  • Supply chain & manufacturing systems, design & optimization
  • Traceability, LCA & risk management
  • Cooperative education & continuous training

Some of the supported transformations:

  • Appropriation of new technologies in line with the business needs of the company
  • Evolution of the functional scope of an information system
  • Improvement / optimization of business processes
  • Modelling, analysis and improvement of operational processes

Our modern infrastructures allow us to innovate constantly and to propose tailored solutions to our partners.



The Digitizing European Industry initiative aims to reinforce EU’s competitiveness in digital technologies and to ensure that every business in Europe whichever the sector, wherever located, whatever the size can fully benefit from digital innovation. In this context, Digital Innovation Hub is a place where companies especially SMEs, startups and mid-caps can get help to improve their business, production processes, products and services by means of digital innovations.

The digital strategic plan for the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region (2017-2021) aims to promote the Region as an European “Silicone valley”. For 2021 horizon, the region aims at:

  • investing 450 million,
  • creating 10 000 jobs,
  • supporting 750 start-ups,
  • connecting 100% of the region area,
  • supporting the digital transition of companies,
  • developing new digital competences with the local players in education and professional training,
  • accelerating research and innovation,
  • developing digital citizenship and trust, etc.